Gateway Federation – GOVERNING BODY
Committee Membership 2016
Pay and Performance
Alastair Cockbain, Keith Denby, Mandy Robbins, Linda Watt, Headteacher as Adviser
Alastair Cockbain, Linda Watt, Mandy Robbins, Chris Pratt, Heather Lake, Headteacher
Teaching and Learning
Jo Galbraith, Keith Denby, Linda Watt, Sam Wilson-Hammond, Hannah Day, Tim Baker, Headteacher
Headteacher, Linda Watt, Hannah Day, Rev Mike Clark
Alastair Cockbain, Keith Denby, Mandy Robbins, Linda Watt,
Jo Galbraith, Chris Pratt, Rev Mike Clark, Tim Baker

The Gateway Federation Governing Body for both Bratton Fleming CP School and Holywell C of E Primary School consists of 15 members including representatives from the parent body, the Local Authority, the community, school staff and St Peter's Church, Tawstock. 

Our role 

Governors work with the headteacher and the local authority to ensure that the pupils receive the best possible education. With the headteacher we agree the aims and conduct of the school, ensure that the pupils have a full entitlement to the agreed curriculum and manage the school within its allocated budget. 

The role of the governing body can be summarised into 3 key tasks: 

providing strategic direction 
being accountable, and 
providing support and critical challenge to the school. 


The full governing body meets at least six times per year. In addition, we have three committees, each with its own chair: 

Teaching and Learning Committee 
Resources Committee 
Ethos Committee 

The minutes of our meetings are a public record and are available for you to view from either school. 

More about the different types of governor 

Our Constitution or Instrument of Government determines the number and type of governors required. We have 5 different types and a total of 16 places on the governing body. 

6 Parent Governors – chosen from parents of children registered to attend school. If there are more nominations than vacancies, then there is an election at which all parents can vote. 

2 Local Authority Governors - normally recruited internally and then approval by the Local Authority or can be appointed by the Local Authority from pool of governor volunteers with agreement of the governing body. 

2 Community Governors – recruited by the school and approved by the Governors, these are drawn from people in the local community who have time for the school and identify with its interests 

2 Foundation Governors - representing the Church 

3 Staff Governors – comprising the Headteacher who automatically has the option of a place on the governing body, a staff governor, one from each school, elected by fellow teachers. 

Governors have a term of office of 4 years from the date they are appointed. 

The Chair of Governors is elected by the governors. This is usually done at the first meeting of the academic year in September. The Chair has a term of office of one year and can be re-elected. 

At the start of each year the committee members are appointed and a chair is elected by the committee members. Again, the term of office is for one year and the Chair can be re-elected.