Breakfast & After School Club

Breakfast Club

Bratton Fleming School run a successful breakfast club five days a week from 8 – 8.50am. Breakfast is available for pupils arriving before 8.30am and a range of indoor and outdoor activities are available.

At breakfast club we offer a variety of cereal, fruit, squash, toast and a range of condiments. Crumpets and fruit loaf are an option too at some sessions.

The cost of breakfast club is £3.50 without breakfast
The cost of breakfast club is £4.50 with breakfast
Afterschool Club

Bratton Fleming School also run an increasingly popular after school club five days a week from 3.15 – 5.30pm. Children are provided with snacks and a drink and a range of indoor and outdoor activities.
The cost of after school club is:

3.15 - 4.30: £4.50 per child
3.15 - 5.30: £8.50 per child

At after school club we always start our sessions with a cup of squash and a choice of biscuits. Around about 4.30pm, we offer a range of snacks including: cheese and biscuits, toast, soup cereal,  beans and spaghetti on toast.  Hog dogs and other 'goodies' are offered occasionally. 
At both the breakfast and afterschool clubs we offer the children a range of indoor activities including football, badminton, colouring, toys and computers. We also have a great addition to our clubs, which is our new 'XBOX 1'! Lego games and Fifa are ready to be played!

We also offer the children a range of outdoor activities including a wide range of sports, parachute games and the use of the tyre park, play equipment and field. In the warmer weather, we offer ice lollies too!

There are four people that run the clubs on different days: Becky, Julie, Chantal & Alison. 
We look forward to welcoming you to our clubs!