Class Bray - Reception & Year 1

Welcome to Class Bray's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class. Class Bray comprises of Reception and Year 1 children. The Class teacher is Mrs Day. Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Burridge, Mrs deRusett, Mrs Kellaway and Mrs Webber.  
Curriculum 2021-2022
Victorian WOW Day

Class Bray had a great wow day. They got a hands on experience of what it would be like to go to school as a Victorian child.

The children all paid a penny to enter the school hall which was set out in forward facing rows with girls seated on one side and boys on the other.

We loaned a 'Victorian school box' from The North Devon Maritime Museum which helped bring the learning to life.  

They got dressed into their Victorian costumes and went back outside to line up in height order.

We went into the hall and they stood behind their tables until directed to sit down. There was a lot of laughter when they were all given a popular Victorian name for the day.

The children were then talked through the strict Victorian school rules and learnt about the cane and dunces hat punishments. They were definitely glad we don’t have those today!! 

We then all stood to sing the National anthem facing a picture of Queen Victoria.

Mrs Day then inspected they children’s hands, nails, clothing and shoes to make sure they were clean and tidy!

Children then started taking part in separate ‘girls’ (making peg dolls), and ‘boys’ activities (making boats). We then of course let the children all have a go at all the activities!

We made 3 big Victoria sponge cakes which we thoroughly enjoyed eating at snack time. We all thought it was delicious!

The children then had the opportunity to explore a box of Victorian toys, books and games.

In the afternoon the children experienced a Victorian drill and played traditional playground games with Mr Day.

A fun filled day was had by all!

Favourite 5
Over this half term Class Bray have been sharing a range of different books to find 'Class Bray's Favourite Five'. All children were invited to bring in their favourite book from home to be read in class. The slideshow below shows all the books we have read and enjoyed - it may introduce you to some new books. We enjoyed them all so much it is so hard to choose our top 5! 
Falcons Gymnastics Sessions
Class Bray have enjoyed their 9 sessions at Falcons Gymnastics Academy this term. The facilities and lessons they have experienced from the instructors have been amazing. It has been lovely to see the children progress both with their skills and confidence each week. They have practiced balancing, handstands, headstands, rolls, jumps and have learnt how to land correctly. They have especially enjoyed getting to use the foam pit and trampolines. We are really proud of how well they have done. 
Australia WOW Day 

The children all really enjoyed our Australia WOW day. We spent the morning learning about Australia Day, traditions and aboriginal art. We had a go at creating our own aboriginal dot paintings and made fairy bread (a party food). We used a world map to pin point where Australia is.

In the afternoon, we took part in a ‘Bush Tucker Trial’, where some brave children nominated themselves to be blindfolded and try some Australian food. All children had the opportunity to try it once they knew what the food was. We then finished the afternoon by watching a clip from Deadly 60 about some of the more dangerous creatures that are found in Australia.

Great Fire of London WOW day

Class Bray had a wonderful WOW day as an introduction to our Great Fire of London topic.

We learnt about how The Great Fire of London started on 2nd September 1666 in Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane. We know this because Samuel Pepys kept a diary.

We made our own modern day bread rolls that we cooked in our school oven, and damper bread that we cooked on a campfire later in the day.

We learnt that the fire spread quickly as the houses were made from wood and were built really close together. We made our own replica Tudor houses for a display.

In the afternoon, we learnt about how to stay safe around our Wild Tribe campfire by staying the correct side of the safety circle. We toasted marshmallows on the fire to make s’mores, kneeling with one knee up in the safety position. A wonderful day was had by all.