Useful Links

Here are some links to some great sites, learn and have fun at the same time! 

BBC Schools
Offers a lot of fun, Interactive learning activities suitable for all ages. Subjects include Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE and Music.
Maths Chase is a completely free home online learning tool where children can play times tables games, along with many other mathematics skill-based games! 

BBC Numbertime
Interactive Numeracy Games

The Little Animals Activity Centre
The Little Animals Activity Centre is a fun way for 4-8 year olds to learn and play at home.

Enchanted Learning
A website with lots of different activities – Art, Literacy, Geography, Science, French
Puzzles & Games: Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess, Checkers & More

Words for Life
For Parents: Words for Life gives you an idea of what communication milestones your baby and child might reach as they grow. There are ideas for fun activities you can do together to help your children develop their skills.

The Yuckiest site on the Internet
Science entertainment and learning

Grid Club
Designed for children to have fun and learn.

British Museum Compass
Learn about history with inkune tours and games.