Welcome to Class Taw's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class and who has received awards. Class Taw comprises of Year 4 and 5 children. The Class teacher is Mr Day and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Boast. 
15th January 2018
Blue Group Green Group  Red Group
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bunch calves excite
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munch thieves expensive
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down wolves explosive
all after explaining
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disappear under explosion
medicine river extreme
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opposite library exceedingly
ordinary disappear dictionary
position exercise disastrous
therefore medicine temperature
thought opposite vegetable
Summer Topic: Inventions that changed the World!
April 2017 
Spring Topic: The Lynmouth Flood Disaster
January 2017 
On Monday 16th January 2017, we visited Lynmouth as part of our spring topic. We walked from Watersmeet to Lynmouth guided by a National Parks Ranger who was very knowledgeable about the disaster. Once in Lynmouth, we visited the Pavilion, where we listened to a talk about the flood and we even got the opportunity to look at the photos and watch footage of the aftermath and clean up operation.