Welcome to Class Taw's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class and who has received awards. Class Taw comprises of Year 4 and 5 children. The Class teacher is Mr Day and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Boast. 
13th November 2017
Blue Group Green Group  Red Group
pant adverb intercom
plant advert indecisive
bent adjust income
sent admit insane
tent advise innate
went adjective inhibit
hint advent inland
hunt admire injustice
he addition inhuman
we address inaccurate
me gave octagon
be take October
calendar cold octopus
caught told octave
centre regular octane
February particular octagonal
probably increase accompany
quarter important amateur
question material appreciate
suppose naughty marvellous
Summer Topic: Inventions that changed the World!
April 2017 
Spring Topic: The Lynmouth Flood Disaster
January 2017 
On Monday 16th January 2017, we visited Lynmouth as part of our spring topic. We walked from Watersmeet to Lynmouth guided by a National Parks Ranger who was very knowledgeable about the disaster. Once in Lynmouth, we visited the Pavilion, where we listened to a talk about the flood and we even got the opportunity to look at the photos and watch footage of the aftermath and clean up operation.