School Council

School Council 2021-2022

Welcome to our School Council page, where you can find out all about what we are doing to make a positive difference in our school and read our latest agendas and minutes.
  • Isabel - Year 6

    Chair Person

    My name is Isabel, one of the two Year 6 representatives and I am proud to be this year’s Chairman of the School Council. My role includes making sure everyone has a chance to speak, helping to deal with any differences of opinion and considering everyone’s ideas. I am kind and responsible and can be found in Class Torridge if you need me.

  • Lily - Year 6


    Hi! My name is Lily – I’m a Year 6 in Class Torridge and this year, I’m the School Council’s Secretary and Deputy Chairperson. I’m a member of School Council because I believe I can make the school a better place. I have my own ideas, but I look forward to hearing your ideas, too.

  • Ella - Year 5

    Hi, my name is Ella. I'm 10 years old, I'm a year 5 in Class Taw and I'm part of school council. My favourite thing to do is help people, so this is a great chance to show that. If you've got any problems, come to me or another school council member, tell us your problem and we can try and help.

  • Isla - Year 4

    Hi, my name is Isla. I am a Year 4 in Class Taw. I am kind, responsible, friendly, and helpful. If you are sad or if you have a problem, you can always come to me. If you need any help, on pretty much anything, I will always give you some help or advice. always be there for you.

  • Daisy - Year 4

    Hi, my name is Daisy and I’m a Year 4 in Class Taw. I am kind, and a good listener. I want to make the school a better and kinder place for everyone. I want to help everyone to have a voice, so that their thoughts and ideas are heard. I promise to be here for all pupils, to listen, and make their ideas heard.

  • Max - Year 3

    Hi, my name is Max. I'm 8 years old, I'm a year 3 in Class Lyn and I'm part of the school council, so if you need help, I can try and fix it. If you have any problems or ideas, please tell us so we can help you. We love to make changes that can make things better.

Zoom Call with Edukids (Uganda)
February 2022
In February, School Council were given the amazing opportunity to video call some pupils in Uganda. Thanks to Edukids, the children were able to ask each other questions to find our more about their lives and cultures.
Not only did we find out that some of the Ugandan pupils' favourite animals are cows, pigs and sheep, but we also discovered that some children had to walk miles to get to school and lived with up to 7 people in their homes.
Why not head over to their website to find out more about Edukids and the good work their doing.
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