School Council

School Council 2020/2021

Welcome to our School Council page, where you can find out all about what we are doing to make a positive difference in our school and read our latest agendas and minutes.
  • Sam - Year 6


    Hi! My name is Sam and I am proud to be the Chair of Bratton Fleming's School Council. As a School Councillor, I want to do the very best I can for you. I will listen to you, work hard for you and speak up for you. I will ensure you have opportunities to tell me how you think we could improve the school, and then I will do everything I can to try to make your ideas a reality. I am very friendly, so don't be afraid to speak up - I want to hear all your thoughts!

  • Otto - Year 3

    Vice Chair

    Hello, my name is Otto and you can find me in Class Lyn. I am proud to be a part of Bratton Fleming's School Council because I want to make our school a better place. I have really good ideas - like growing a vegetable garden and helping the school to become better at recycling - and I will listen to everyone else's ideas too.

  • Isabel - Year 5


    Hi! My name is Isabel and I am a Year 5 School Councillor from Class Torridge. I have the privilege of being the School Council Secretary. It is my job to write down the minutes of each meeting and our ideas.

  • Tichy - Year 6

    Communications Officer

    Hello! My name is Tichy and I'm happy to be part of Bratton Fleming's School Council. My role within our school council is Communications Officer. Therefore, I will be writing to you to keep you all informed with the latest news.

  • Poppy - Year 4

    Communications Officer

    Hi! My name's Poppy and I can be found in Class Taw. If you would like any help, I will listen to all your ideas and work with you to resolve any problems. I look forward to hearing your ideas soon.

  • Harry - Year 5

    Promotions Officer

    Hi! My name's Harry and you can find me in Class Torridge. As a member of Bratton Fleming's School Council, you can talk to me about any changes you'd like to see in the future. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and working together to make the school a better place.

  • Alfie - Year 4

    Promotions Officer

    Hi everyone! My name is Alfie and I can be found in Class Taw. I am very kind and caring, so if you have any problems, you can always come to me. As a School Councillor, I will work hard to raise money for the school and to make the school an even better place.

  • Isla - Year 3

    Promotions Officer

    Hello, my name is Isla. I used to live in Liverpool, but two years ago, my family moved to Devon. I now live above a cafe near the beach. I have a pet called Luna. She's a feisty dog, who likes to play a lot. I like to play on Roblox, bake cakes and go to the beach with my friends.

    Since being at Bratton, I have made new friends and am proud to be on the School Council. My job is Promotions Officer, so I will be putting posters up around the school to advertise any of our upcoming events.

School Council's Meeting with Mr Slocombe
March 2021
On Friday 19th March, School Council met with Martin Slocombe – Director of Green Gates Solutions. Martin’s company is 10 years old and helps the public sector become more energy efficient. By becoming more energy efficient, as a school we will lower our carbon footprint; become more sustainable and lower our energy bills.
As a school, we are really excited about the opportunity to make our school more efficient and cannot wait to work with Martin Slocombe to achieve this.
School Council Elections
October 2020
On Wednesday 21st October, a link to an anonymous ballot was sent to all children via Teams. This year, we decided to run elections differently and instead of children knowing who they were voting for, they were asked to select the two anonymous manifestos - one girl's and one boy's - that they liked the best from each year group.
All nominees should be very proud of themselves! They each wrote fantastic manifestos, which clearly made the decision that much more difficult for their peers. In total, 61 children voted across the school, with the results being extremely close - especially in years 5 and 6.