Welcome to Class Lyn's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class and who has received awards. Class Lyn comprises of Year 2 children. The Class Teacher is Miss Baglow and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Blake
Class Lyn's Bake Sale
On Thursday 15th March, Class Lyn held a bake sale to raise money for Prostate Cancer. Thanks to everyone's generosity, Class Lyn raised an amazing...
The children loved counting up all of the money and were so proud of the amount they had managed to raise.
Our Wow Day at Exmoor Zoo!
This term Class Lyn will be looking at hot and cold countries and their wildlife. To kick start our topic, Class Bray and Class Lyn visited Exmoor Zoo for the day and all of the children had lots of fun! More information and pictures can be found by following the link below:
Bratton Fleming's Christmas Extravaganza
All of the children at Bratton Fleming worked so hard to make our Christmas Extravaganza a hit and it certainly was!
I was especially proud of Class Lyn and their amazing performance of 'Class Lyn visits the North Pole'. We had tired elves, dancing reindeer, singing snowmen and more! They all did brilliantly - well done Class Lyn!
The Great Fire of London!
For this term's WOW start, the children had great fun making bread and completing lots of Great Fire of London activities. The class also enjoyed a brilliant trip to Barnstaple Fire Station. A short recount of their trip can be found in the news section on the homepage:
What Makes Our Planet Unique?
(Summer 2017)
We cannot believe it's the summer term already! This year is going by so quickly, but we look forward to an exciting term ahead.
This term Class Lyn are going to be super busy! Here are a few things that we will be looking at as part of our new topic:
  • Planting flowers
  • Growing vegetables
  • Healthy eating
  • Life cycles
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Observation drawings - flowers, butterflies...
We will also be linking our topic to English where we will be looking at writing stories, instructions, diaries and poems around relevant themes, ideas and stories.  
Where in the world is Bratton Fleming?
(Spring Term 2017)
To get the children excited about our new topic, Mrs Kellaway invited Mr Payne in from the village to  speak to the children about how Bratton Fleming has changed over the years. He showed the children lots of old and new photographs, which they found really interesting and helped them to remember lots of key facts!
For our Wow Day, when the weather was finally on our side, the children enjoyed a nice walk around the village. It was a great experience and the children loved spotting all of the things that they had remembered from their talk with Mr Payne. Nicky from the local village shop even came out to talk to the children too, before we finished our walk with a bear hunt back to school!
Our Reading Garden - let's catch the reading bug!
(March 2017)
We've spruced up our reading garden in Class Lyn and the children are loving it!
As well as reading on our mini sofa, the children have been reading in the London bus and in the London tube. They have been enjoying writing their own book reviews; answering the questions dotted around; having a go at the reading challenges and reading all of the tricky words on the wall. Class Lyn have even been helping to sort alien words and real words to feed to our class aliens - Obb and Bob.
London Skyline Artwork!
 (March 2017)
This week we have been learning all about London landmarks. This inspired us to do create some great artwork and both Class Bray and Class Lyn did a fantastic job painting the London skyline.
The children used water colours to create their sky, before printing with 3D shapes and black acrylic paint to create a silhouette of their chosen landmark(s).
Which London landmarks can you spot?
Mmmm... Pancakes!
Class Lyn have been having great fun learning all about healthy eating with Mrs Crockford, but they had even more fun making srummy pancakes with healthy toppings. All of the children loved trying their own delicious pancakes!! They've even  written instructions on how to make them too.
We hope you enjoy it!
(November 2016)
For their project this term the children were asked to create a poster or an artefact on space. The children did a fantastic job, so we decided to showcase their hard work in our very own class museum. The children loved seeing their work on display around the room and explaining their work to the other classes as they visited. Check out some of their creations below!
(September 2016)
For our topic last term, Class Lyn and Class Bray had great fun dressing up in space themed costumes and completing spacey activities. The children looked space-tastic! It was wonderful seeing all of their costumes and what they had created throughout the day.