Class Bray Troll Hunting

31st January 2018
In English, Class Bray have been studying the text 'What Happens When....?' by Delphine Chedru. We have been thinking of questions to create our own 'What Happens When...?' books. One of the children suggested we should find out 'what happens when you leave bread for a troll?'. We left some bread in our woodland area to find out! The trolls left us some crystals and a card. The children have been making and writing cards and letters for the trolls. The trolls have been leaving things for the children and leaving questions for them to answer. We have been writing pages for our question and answer books everyday. This has brought the learning to life for the children and they have produced some marvelous work as a result of this. Tomorrow we will be finding out 'What happens when you leave fish for a troll?' Can you guess what may happen?