Class Torridge - Year 6

Welcome to Class Torridge's page! Class Torridge comprises of Year 6 children and is taught by class teacher, Mrs Benham. Miss Boast, Mrs Webber and Mrs Maynard are the class teaching assistants. Find out about the latest news and events from the class and who has received awards below. 
Curriculum 2021-2022
Spellings will be set every Friday (on Teams) and will be tested the following week. Most spellings will be taken from the Year 5 and 6 statutory spelling list (linked below). If you have any queries regarding spellings or how to access them via our online learning platform, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Benham.
June 2022
This week (14.06.22), Class Torridge started gymnastics lessons at Falcons Gym in Barnstaple. The students showed great determination in the foam pit and really persevered with their forward and backward rolls. They demonstrated their techniques on the trampoline and put their balancing skills to the test. 
Moving onto Secondary School
June 2022
This term, the pupils have started to have visits from their secondary schools. This has been a great opportunity for students to find out more about the their next chapter and ask some of the questions they have been recording in their transition books.
Most schools post lots of useful information on their websites - from the structure of each day, to video messages from staff and photo galleries - so please click on the links below to have a look.
Making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 can be scary. We will be doing lots of work in school to support the children as they transition from Year 6 to Year 7, but if you do have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me - Mrs Benham.
Other helpful links to support children's transition to Year 7:
Olympic Legacy
June 2022
Well done to all the children who represented Bratton Fleming at the Olympic Legacy Running Festival, at Park School. The annual event, which has been running since London 2012, was attended by 15 other Barnstaple primary schools. The children did themselves proud and came a fantastic 4th place!
PC Young
May 2022
This week, Class Torridge were fortunate enough to meet PC Young. The students had lots of questions for him and were keen to learn how to become a police officer and what the job entails.
Wilcombe Wobbler
May 2022
April 2022
Comic Relief House Group Day
March 2022
On Friday 18th March, all pupils took part in a carousel of sporting activities to raise awareness for Comic Relief.
The children were invited to wear their PE kit to school or to come dressed as a sportsperson of their choice.
The pupils began with an assembly with Mr Day (organiser) before getting into their house groups: Badger (blue), Hedgehogs (yellow), Otters (green) and Deer (red). Each group then participated in the following activities:

  • Clubbercise - Miss Shapland and Mrs Irwi
  • Yoga - Mrs Austen and Mrs Kellaway
  • Circuits - Mrs Benham and Mrs Webber
  • Mile run - Mr Day
To end the day, the school finished with an assembly where pupils from each house group were chosen to receive medals for their outstanding efforts. A huge WELL DONE to Immie, Phoebe and Hannah for receiving medals in Class Torridge!
All the children did extremely well and it was great to see the KS2 children really supporting and encouraging those lower down the school.
Under 11s Athletic Competition
March 2022
On Thursday 3rd March, some of the Year 6 pupils took part in the Athletic finals at Tarka Tennis. All of the children did brilliantly; they tried their best and were great representatives for the school. Overall, the pupils came in 8th place and made us all so proud. Well done Team Torridge!
World Book Day
March 2022
To celebrate World Book Day, the children were invited to come into school dressed as a book- character, wearing pyjamas or in non-school uniform. The pupils then spent the day in their house groups - Otters, Badgers, Hedgehogs and Deer - completing activities in each classroom.
In Class Bray, the children attempted to make their very own Gruffalo Crumble. In Class Lyn, they created paper dolls also inspired by one of Julia Donaldson's books. In Class Taw, the pupils painted fronted covers onto clay books and in Class Torridge, the children took part in a book quiz and designed their own wooden bookmarks.
To end the day, Class Torridge spent some time drinking hot chocolate and reading their books in front of a (virtual) crackling fire.
RAF Space Challenge
February 2022
On Wednesday 9th February, Class Taw and Class Torridge took part in a STEM morning organised by the Smallpiece Trust and sponsored by the Royal Air Force.
The objective was to follow instructions to build a rocket from card, launched by a straw. The children were asked to evaluate the effect of adding fins, investigate how the launch angle affects the range and investigate how size of payload affects the range.
The children has a great morning and made some superb rockets.
Biomes Stunning Start
February 2022
On Friday 4th February, Class Taw and Class Torridge had a great day celebrating their Geography topic for this term, biomes: large areas of land with particular climates (temperatures), plants (flora) and animals (fauna). 
To begin the day, the children came into school dressed as animals from different biomes. From panthers and leopards, to jelly fish and hyenas, the children looked superb!
Using research from earlier in the week, the children discovered which animals lived in a biome of their choice and uncovered how these animals had adapted to survive. Class Taw and Class Torridge then used what they had learnt to create their own 'mash-up', or hybrid animals - new species formed by joining two animals together, such as the head of a fox and the body of a camel.
Putting their art skills to the test, both classes then used moulding, scoring and slip to build their creations out of clay, which they cannot wait to paint next week!
Finally, to end our fun-filled day, Class Taw and Torridge drew biome backgrounds for their exploding books. Using oil pastels, different shades and colours and smudging, the children have created a tundra, a desert, a savannah and a tropical rainforest background which will help to illustrate their non-fiction books all about biomes. 
Indoor Athletics Competition
January 2022
WW2 Fabulous Finish!
December 2021
On Tuesday 14th December, Class Torridge celebrated the end of their WW2 topic with a 'Fabulous Finish'. The class came into school dressed as evacuees and spent the day enjoying WW2 based activities. 
First, a WW2 crossword put the children's knowledge to the test before they needed to use their dancing skills in order to learn The Lambeth Walk.
After break, the class studied LS Lowry's VE Day painting, then created their own Lowry-inspired pictures on the computers. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and practise old ones. They had to copy and paste objects; resize objects to make them look larger in the foreground, or smaller in the background; and they had to layer objects on top of one another. Some of the children even thought out of the box and cropped some of the objects in order to make roads and rivers.
After lunch, the children drew Hawkeye Hurricane aircrafts, learnt a short play about evacuees and ended the day by singing 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn.
All the children worked hard and had a great day!
Sports Science
December 2021
Bratton Fleming Cross Country Event
November 2021
Year 6 Girls
Name Position
Hannah 21
Peaches 31
Lillie 15
Lily 10
Annabelle 2
Immie 22
Billie 26
Isabel 29
Sienna 18
Year 6 Boys
Name Position
Ellis 29
Jacob 16
Edward 30
Noah 18
Henry 25
Ryan 22
Luke 28
Lucas 19
Kaiden 24
Year 4 Girls
Name Position
Daisy 4
Marni 22
Isla 21
Maddie 23
Fern 15
Year 4 Boys
Name Position
George 9
Jack 20
Otto 22
Logan 23
Carter 28
Jacob 30
Alex 33
Year 5 Girls
Name Position
Layla 21
Matilda 16
Ella 27
Lilly 22
Poppy 24
Abigail W 19
Abigail Y 20
Year 5 Boys
Name Position
Leo 21
Theston 25
Riley 23
Hayden 13
Fabian 27
Callum 22
Tyler 26
Alfie 24
Dexter 20
Year 3 Girl
Name Position
Eve 11
Year 3 Boys
Name Position
Riley 19
Max 11
Robert 28
Oliver 27
William 23
Korey 30
Kaylum 36
Tim 35
Thomas 33
  • Immie's Recount

    On Wednesday the 10th of November 2021, Bratton Fleming School took part in a cross-country event that Mr. Day had organised. Year 3 up to Year 6 took part. Year 3 and Year 4 ran 1.3 kilometres and Year 5 and 6 ran 1.9 kilometres. 8 schools attended: Orchard Vale, Holywell, Bratton Fleming, Newport, Our Lady's, Sticklepath, Pilton Bluecoat and Goodleigh. In total, 248 pupils took part in the event.

    Walking the Track:
    At 9:00 AM, everyone began to arrive. I found the teachers, left my parents, and headed to the cabin with Mrs Irwin. After all my school mates had arrived, we were told we were going to walk the track. The school all lined up. We could see the other schools passing us and about to walk the trek too.

    As we started walking, I could already see the extraordinary views ahead. Me and Annabelle slipped through the mud, but that soon went away once we all made it onto the dry grass. After we had walked around the track, we were told to sit down and wait for the first race to begin.

    The Year 3, 4 and 5 Races:
    Mrs Farr called for all Year 4 girls to line up and get ready to start. Then, we heard the word... GO! They were off! We all cheered! The Year 4s were out of sight in less than a matter of seconds. After a couple of minutes had passed, we could see them again! 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 people all began running towards the finishing line. We all cheered! The same happened for the remaining races.

    My Race (The Year 6 Girls Race):
    My legs started to cramp. My foot quivered. I felt the adrenaline as I got ready to push my foot off the ground and start to run. Then suddenly... GO!!! I sprinted. I was in the front! There was a puddle. I slipped a little, but I carried on. A load of people passed me as I unsurely began to climb the hill. I saw Hannah behind me. She ran next to me, and I asked her if she was OK: she looked out of breath. She said she was tired, but we kept running for what felt like forever. Then, I was running with Sienna, but she soon went ahead to cheer people on. I was back with Hannah. We looked over one shoulder and could see the beautiful fields behind us. Finally, I could see the finish line ahead of me and Hannah pegged it! We were off! Hannah just entered the funnel before me. I came 22nd.

    Me and the other girls all congratulated each other and went to eat our lunch. We were so proud of each other. We all took a photo together and after, we packed up all our things and began to walk back to school.

  • A Year 6 Pupil's Recount

    On Wednesday 10th of November 2021, Bratton Fleming school went to the Sports Club to participate in a cross-country event that was 1.3 kilometres for Year 3 and Year 4, and 1.9 kilometres for Year 5 and Year 6. There were other schools that took part: Orchard Vale, Holywell, Our Lady’s, Sticklepath, Pilton Bluecoat and Goodleigh School. In total, there were 248 people running.

    When all their schools arrived at 9:15, we all got settled in. At 10:00 o'clock, Mrs Farr told the schools what was going to happen during the day.

    The first race was the Year 4 girls’ race. The Year 4 girls ran first to show the Year 3s what to do. When all the Year 4 girls had finished their race, the Year 4 boys ran next. By then, the Year 3s understood what to do and so, they let the Year 3 girls run. Finally, once the Year 3 girls had finished their race, the Year 3 boys did theirs.

    Once the Year 3 and 4 girls and boys had finished their races, it was the Year 5 girls time to run. The Year 5 and Year 6 pupils needed to do a slightly longer run. When the Bratton Year 5 girls had finished their run, they all said that the hill was steep.

    Now, it was the Year 6 race. As I walked to the starting line, my heart started racing and my legs felt like jelly. Then, Mrs Farr blew the whistle. The race didn't seem that far until I got to the hill. The hill was really steep. Even though I felt like I was going to fall on the floor, I sprinted up the long, steep, wet, muddy hill. When I finally reached the finish, it felt so good!

    After all the Year 6 girls had finished, we could finally eat our lunch. While we ate our lunch, Mrs Farr and Mr Day shared the final results. Three people got in the top ten from Bratton, but I was the only one who got a medal for coming in the top three (2nd).

Day 5 Year 5/6 St George's House Residential
October 2021
After packing up all their belongings, the class visited a nearby park to take participate in a series of activities. It was a great way to end a fun-filled and adventurous week! We are all so very proud of the children and everything they have achieved this week.
Day 4 Year 5/6 St George's House Residential
October 2021
This morning, Miss Shapland and Mrs Benham's group participated in a beach hunt. The children had to follow a set of picture clues and work together to solve them. 
In the afternoon, Miss Shapland's group enjoyed surfing: showing great determination and perseverance! Mrs Benham's group were excited to try mountain biking and archery and demonstrated great skills.
Day 3 Year 5/6 St George's House Residential
October 2021
On Day 3, the children enjoyed a walk from Mortehoe carpark to Putsborough Beach. We were fortunate to be walking in lovely sunny weather and had a couple of biscuit stops! The scenery was beautiful and we even spotted a few seals. The children did so well and persevered with the hilly walk! Some of the children even found the energy to run to the top of some of the steep ascents.
Day 2 Year 5/6 St George's House Residential
October 2021
In the morning, both Mrs Benham and Miss Shapland's groups headed to Ilfracombe. Miss Shapland's groups started off the day canoeing, whilst Mrs Benham's group enjoyed a walk around the harbour as they looked for clues to answer a quiz.
Both groups were fantastic and despite some initial worries about falling in, most the children gave canoeing a go and no one capsized! The children played games and even had a go at standing up in the canoes whilst singing and jumping!
In the afternoon, Miss Shapland's group enjoyed mountain biking and archery. We saw some excellent archery skills and were very impressed at how confident and accurate the class were getting! 
Mrs Benham's group had a go at surfing and were superb! All the children gave surfing a go and we couldn't believe how quickly some of children had a go at standing up on their boards.
Day 1 Year 5/6 St George's House Residential
October 2021
On the first day of our residential, we went to Putsborough beach to play some group games and spent the afternoon rock scrambling. All the children did brilliantly and we managed to make our way back to the vans without anyone getting too wet!