Class Taw - Year 4 & 5

Welcome to Class Taw's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class. Class Taw comprises of Year 4 and 5 children. The Class Teacher is Miss Shapland and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Irwin and Mrs Maynard.  
Curriculum 2021-2022
Spellings will be set every Friday on Teams and will be tested the following week. Most spellings will be taken from the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list, the Year 5 and 6 statutory spelling list and the 200 Key Stage 2 high frequency words.
Skipping Challenge - June 2022
Devon Virtual Games created a challenge to complete between April and July 2022. As the Commonwealth Games are being held at Birmingham this year, the challenge was to skip the amount of steps it would take to walk from Crediton to Birmingham. 
The children had to do a total of 340,000 skips! They have worked very hard as a team and have improved their skipping skills at the same time. In total we managed to achieve 346,495 skips with some help from Class Torridge! 
Taiko Drumming - June
We were lucky to have an experience using Taiko drums recently. Each year group went into the hall with a Taiko drumming teacher and learnt some Japanese numbers whilst learning how to play the Taiko drum. 
We had to learn sayings to remember how to beat the drum:
'I like chicken pie with gravy' and 'I want some sweets and ice-cream'.
Both Year 4 and 5 listened really well and worked very hard. We even did a pattern where we had to move onto someone else's drum! 
Year 4 Multiplication Check - June 2022
Year 4 have been working very hard all year on their times tables. Learning our times tables helps us with so many things! We find that being able to recall our times tables quickly particularly helps us in Maths lessons, especially when looking at fractions and decimals. 
The Year 4s took their official Multiplication Check this week and all worked so hard! Here they are celebrating with their certificates! 

Mini Police - May 2022

We went out to where the old garage used to be. We stood in groups on the pavement and we had a speed-gun to test people’s speed. We wanted to see if they were going over 30mph. The highest speed recorded was 37mph. PC Matt wrote down the number plate and he is going to get in contact with the owner. Other speeds recorded were 35 and 36mph. There was a recorded speed of 31mph, but PC Matt let him go as he was only 1mph over. We had to wear high-vis jackets and mini police hats as we were near the road.  

Written by Fabian, Riley and Layla 

April- Greek Play 
To end our Ancient Greek topic, we performed a play all about what life was like as a Greek. The class were absolutely amazing and worked so hard to put the performance on! They also sang some musical numbers which they learnt and practised with Mrs Baker. We are all very proud of them! 
March/April - Year 5 Pilton Visits
Year 5 have been visited several times by Pilton over the past couple of weeks. First of all they had an art session where they created their very own scribble monsters! Then they had a basketball session where they worked on their skills and teamwork. Finally, they had a Science session where they had to solve the crime of the missing chocolate! They worked very hard in all these sessions and enjoyed them all. A huge thank you to Pilton for coming in and running these sessions! 
April Year 4/5 Residential- Day 3
Our final day of residential was full of fun, laughter and smiles! The children and staff have had a fantastic few days away and we are so proud of all the children for all their achievements, teamwork, kindness and perseverance! The Skern Lodge Team provided us with amazing food, great activities, kind, encouraging instructors and an unforgettable experience. 
The final agenda:
- The teachers fooled the children for April Fools Day by pretending they had to go back to school early! Most of them were convinced, but afterwards they said they didn't believe it!
- A yummy cooked breakfast
- High ropes
- Orienteering
- Certificates for everyone! 
March Year 3/4 Residential- Day 2
Our second day was filled with many fun activities.
Thursday's agenda:
- Rock climbing
- Abseiling
- Archery
- Tunnels
- Pool Olympics.
We were very proud of everyone for giving everything ago and trying their best. 
March Year 3/4 Residential at Skern Lodge- Day 1
Year 3 and 4 had a great start to their residential. 
Agenda for day 1:
- Assault course 
- Rafting (some of us got covered in mud trying to get onto the raft!)
- A night walk exploring Appledore. Some of us tried wild garlic...this had very mixed reviews! We learnt a lot of interesting facts too.
The Incredible Story
March 2022
The PTA very kindly gave us the opportunity to experience a theatre group put on a show about 'The Incredible Story'.
In the performance we watched Ben struggle to write a story as he didn't know what to include in it. With the help of characters from various stories, he was able to write an incredible one! We learnt about what makes a story brilliant and found the video very funny to watch. There was lots of audience participation and everyone's favourite part was when Prince Charming won over Cinderella through his rhyming rap! We even made up our own raps and similes which some of us performed in class!
We really enjoyed the day and we will use some of the great ideas in our fantasy story writing this term. 
Comic Relief House Group Day
March 2022
On Friday 18th March, all pupils took part in a carousel of sporting activities to raise awareness for Comic Relief.
The children were invited to wear their PE kit to school or to come dressed as a sportsperson of their choice. 
Each group participated in the following activities:

  • Clubbercise - Miss Shapland and Mrs Irwin
  • Yoga - Mrs Austen and Mrs Kellaway
  • Circuits - Mrs Benham and Mrs Webber
  • Mile run - Mr Day
To end the day, the school finished with an assembly where pupils from each house group were chosen to receive medals for their outstanding efforts. 
All the children did extremely well and it was great to see the KS2 children really supporting and encouraging those lower down the school.
World Book Day
March 2022
To celebrate World Book Day, the children were invited to come into school dressed as a book- character, wearing pyjamas or in non-school uniform. The pupils then spent the day in their house groups - Otters, Badgers, Hedgehogs and Deer - completing activities in each classroom.
In Class Bray, the children attempted to make their very own Gruffalo Crumble. In Class Lyn, they created paper dolls also inspired by one of Julia Donaldson's books. In Class Taw, the pupils painted front covers onto clay books and in Class Torridge, the children took part in a book quiz and designed their own wooden bookmarks.
To end the day, Class Taw spent some time reading their books in front of a (virtual) crackling fire. We had a brilliant day celebrating a love of reading!
RAF Space Challenge
February 2022
On Wednesday 9th February, Class Taw and Class Torridge took part in a STEM morning organised by the Smallpiece Trust and sponsored by the Royal Air Force.
The objective was to follow instructions to build a rocket from card, launched by a straw. The children were asked to evaluate the effect of adding fins, investigate how the launch angle affects the range and investigate how size of payload affects the range.
The children has a great morning and made some superb rockets.
Our Biome Stunning Start (February 2022)
This term our Geography topic is 'Biomes and Climates'. 
We have been researching different biomes in class and also the animals that live in them.
The class were challenged to create their own 'mash-up' of an animal and choose a biome for it to live in. Their ideas were fantastic! They made sure that their animal had characteristics that allowed them to live in a particular biome and survive. 
The class had a go at using clay to make their animals come to life! They used lots of new skills including scoring the clay and making marks in it. 
Later on in the afternoon we used oil pastels to create some backgrounds of different biomes. Eventually we will have a go at making an 'exploding book' and use these backgrounds within it.
The class all looked amazing in their animal outfits and worked so hard and with so much enthusiasm! 

TTRS Day - January 2022

In Class Taw we do lots of work on our times tables. We aim to learn all the times table facts up to 12 x 12 and then we try to recall them as quickly as we can.

We held a Times Table Rock Stars Day for Year 4 and they all came in dressed in amazing rock star outfits! We had a day filled with fun activities to encourage learning times tables and recalling them.

We played ‘Splat’ and used our microphones and guitars to help! We had to find the answer as quickly as we could before our partner did.

We then worked in teams to complete worded problems and for every question we got correct we received a ticket. The children used their 3 times table to add up their collections so that they could exchange them for counters. We focused on the 7 and the 8 times table when we did this as we find these two tables a bit trickier.

After that, we chose an outfit for our rock star. Before we could find out the amount the items cost, we had to work out a multiplication calculation first. After we had worked these out, we used column addition to find the final cost of our chosen outfit.

In the afternoon we made our own times table games. These included: Top Trumps, Snakes and Ladders, Dominos and word searches. We have taken these home so that we can practise them with our families!

Year 4 worked incredibly hard all day and showed fantastic times table knowledge!

WW2 Fabulous Finish! (December 2021)
On Tuesday 14th December, Class Taw celebrated the end of their WW2 topic with a 'Fabulous Finish'. The class came into school dressed as evacuees and spent the day enjoying WW2 based activities. 
We all made evacuee labels and then learnt a short play about evacuation and acted it out. The children did a fantastic job and displayed some brilliant acting! 
We then created a piece of art work based on our WW2 novel: Letters From the Lighthouse. The Year 5s made their paintings into propaganda posters convincing schools to teach WW2. 
After lunch we had a go at learning the Lambeth Walk. We had a lot of fun and worked hard to try and keep in time with each other! 
Finally, we used our rationing knowledge to create new recipes using limited ingredients. We chose a range of the ingredients and wrote instructions about how to make our creations. Some sounded tastier than others! 
Year 5 St George's House Residential (October 2021)
Day 1
On the first day of our residential we went to Putsborough beach to play some group games. 
After this we spent the afternoon rock scrambling. The children all had a go at going through a cave, jumping across rocks and trying not to fall into the water! 
Year 5 St George's House Residential
Day 2
In the morning we went canoeing at Ilfracombe harbour. The class were fantastic and despite some initial worries about falling in, they all gave it a go and no one capsized! We played games and even had a go at standing up in the canoes whilst singing and jumping!
We also walked around looking for clues to answer some quiz questions.
In the afternoon we went mountain biking and did some archery. We saw some excellent archery skills and were very impressed at how confident and accurate the class were getting! 
Year 5 St George's House Residential
Day 3
We went on a coastal walk on day 3. We started at Mortehoe and persevered with the very hilly walk! We were fortunate to be walking in lovely sunny weather and had a couple of biscuit stops! The scenery was beautiful and we even spotted a few seals. We eventually walked through Woolacombe and ended our walk on Putsborough beach. 
Year 5 St George's House Residential
Day 4
The class went on a beach hunt in the morning. They had to follow a set of picture clues and work together to solve them. 
In the afternoon they went surfing and they all showed great determination and perseverance! 
Year 5 St George's House Residential
Day 5 
After packing up all their belongings, the class went to a park to take part in a series of activities. It was a great way to end a fun-filled and adventurous week! We are all very proud of them all and everything they have achieved this week. We hope it was a fantastic week that they won't forget! 
Gymnastics (September - November 2021)
Class Taw have been going to Gymnastics lessons for the past few weeks. They have shown great perseverance and determination in each lesson. We love to see their confidence growing each lesson and we are very proud of them all!
Our Stunning Start 
Our Topic this term is World War 2. In class we have been exploring evacuation through our class story and our History lessons. We were excited to go to Barnstaple Museum and experience an evacuation based workshop on Thursday 30th September. The class were given the opportunity to explore real artefacts from WW2 and created their own evacuation labels. They also decided what they would take in their suitcase if they were an evacuee going to Bideford. Some great suggestions included pets, sweets and even an Xbox! We then explored the Museum and found the World War room particularly interesting.
We visited Barnstaple Library and it was lovely to see the children exploring around the books. The librarians gave the children challenges that involving them using the Dewey Decimal System. The children all accepted the challenge and worked together to complete it.