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Welcome to Class Caen's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class. Class Caen comprises of Year 3 and 4 children. The Class Teacher is Mrs Gosling and the Teaching Assistant are Mrs Spears, Mrs Kellaway and Mrs Wilson.  
Class Caen spellings will be given out every Friday and tested the following Friday starting from September 14th.
Please complete the three attempts using Look, Cover, Write, Check and choose up to six words to find out their meaning.
Your child will record their tests scores in the book each week.
Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. Our WOW day is Thursday 20th September in school. Letters have already been sent out. If you did not receive one please ask at the office. 
Our first full week has flown by! We have enjoyed team building activities that promote our building learning powers and growth mindset. We have learnt a Greek Myth - The 12 Labours of Herakles/Heracles and created our own books. We have finished our Greek plates and used maps, atlases and globes to find different countries around the world. We have started learning and playing the glockenspiel. 
Reading books and diaries have been set up and we hope that you have been learning spellings from the sheet we sent home last Friday.  Next week we are hoping for dry weather so that we can start our Speed Agility and Quickness morning fitness - SAQ for short. These  are seven,  one minute activities that every child attempts designed to improve the fundamental PE skills of balance, locomotor and ball skills. 
Please bring in junk modelling for masks making on Monday 17th.
Week 17th September - Friday 21st September.
It's Friday already! We have had another busy week in Class Caen, our WOW day was yesterday and the children thoroughly enjoyed their 'play in a day' (The twelve Labours of Herakles) with Sophie from The Plough Torrington. The children performed it using their masks made in class beforehand. We also had some Greek food tasting. The yogurt cake was a hit with most of the class which is more than we can say for the stuffed vine leaves and anchovies! Thank you to the parents that could make it. 
Today we had our first spelling test, please try to help your child complete the three look, cover, write, check columns and choose some words to find definitions for underneath. All of the children should have written their test score for you to see on that weeks page. Next weeks spellings have been sent home today. We do set a side time to work on these spellings in class every week however, spending five to ten minutes a day on them at home really helps to consolidate their learning so a big thank you for your help.
HOMEWORK set on Friday 21st September.
Class Caen will be hosting a Greek Museum.
Please create an artefact of your choice along with an information card for display.  The children will change the class into a museum on Thursday 18th October and invite other classes to come and find out about Ancient Greece. 
If you are stuck for artefact ideas you could make/draw:
a Greek plate or jug, draw a poster of a soldier and label, find a Greek game that was popular, make a Greek house, boat or chariot or look at famous landmarks to name but a few!
Please send in artefacts from Monday 15th October. Any problems please come and see us. 
September 28th 
This week we have been creating  and drawing our own creatures for the Labour of Herakles that we will be writing next. We have learnt about similes, adjectives and powerful verbs and have mag pied lots of exciting description to use in our own writing. 
In maths we have started a weekly times table or times table and division activity. Please continue to practise a rapid recall as this is an important skill to master. Year 3 children should confidently know the 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 8X and 10X. In year 4 children should confidently know all their tables up to 12X. 
Our topic work has been using Atlases and globes to find where countries are in Europe. We have also started to discover new facts about what Greece is like today. 
Congratulations to Ollie and Willow who have received class certificates in assembly today.  
Congratulations to Tichy who came an excellent 7th in the under 21 final in dressage this week. 
Friday 12th October.
Here are some photographs of our morning SAQ sessions. The children spend one minute on each activity. The activities are running, ladders, hurdles, skipping, throwing and catching and balance boards. These activities get their heart rates up and we find it a great way to focus ourselves in preparation for the day. The children really enjoy it! 
Friday 12th October.
Thank you to those who have already sent in homework.
Please ensure any remaining homework (artefact and information card) is sent in at the latest Thursday. That morning we will be creating our Ancient Greek museum to share with other classes. Thank you!
This year our panto is going to be The Wizard of Oz!
We are all very excited!
On Thursday 18th October after our Greek museum we would like to watch the film. It has a U certificate and states that it contains mild fantasy horror and a G for - fit for viewing by persons Generally. 
Please come and see us if you have any concerns. 
Friday 12th October.
Spellings given out today will be tested the first Friday back after half term.
Thursday 1st November
On the last day before half term the children really enjoyed creating their Greek museum. Below are some photos of the event.
Friday 23rd November
Many thanks to all of the parents that I have seen for parent's evening these last few weeks. If I haven't caught up with you yet please grab me at the beginning or end of any day and I will try to fit you in.
Today we have sent home the costume letter for our panto. Please let us know if you are struggling to sort out your child's costume we will do our best to help. 
For the last four weeks we have had Bethany Uren a student teacher helping us. She has been a great asset to our class and we will miss her but are looking forward to welcoming her back in May 2019! 
Panto rehearsals are in full swing. The children are really enjoying singing their songs; many thanks to Mrs Baker for all her hard work. Everyone is trying really hard to learn their words - well done.
Please continue to learn spellings and ask and answer questions about what your child is  reading. In maths please practise saying your times tables and  perhaps visit the Hit the Button Maths website where you will find lots of mental maths games. There will be no other homework until January.
To commemorate the one hundred anniversary of WW1 and in memory of everyone who has lost their life during conflict, Class Caen asked everyone to contribute a poppy for display in the front entrance porch.
Christmas Fayre 30th November.
Class Caen have been excitedly designing and making items to sell on Friday. In English our focus was instructional writing and we have made fat balls for your garden birds. Each child will also have designed and painted a Christmas plate for you to purchase.
Finally, during the Christmas Fayre in class Caen you can book to decorate a glass jar lantern with your child for £2 and take home. Please phone the office to make your twenty minute booking.