Welcome to Class Bray's page! Find out about the latest news and events from the class and who has received awards. Class Bray comprises of Reception and Year 1 children. The Class teacher is Mrs Day. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Heafield and Miss Burridge. Mrs DeRusset and Mrs Wilson are 1:1 support assistants.  
Family Workshop Autumn 2018
Class Bray had a lovely afternoon taking part in activities with their families. Lots of fun and laughter all round! 
What a GREAT week we've had.
We've been having great fun writing questions and answers for the woodland trolls! See the news page for photos.
We have been having great fun at our gymnastics sessions. 
What Makes Our Planet Unique?
We're in for an exciting summer term.
Class Bray are going to become gardeners, exploring our environment and finding out what will grow.
In our role of scientists:
We will look at ourselves and see what we need to eat to stay healthy.
Investigate life cycles and explore the seasons and record our findings.
In maths we'll continue to use our number bonds to help solve mathematical problems involving money and measure.
English will see us learning and recreating stories. The Hungry Caterpillar and Jack in The Beanstalk, to name but a few.
We will also create diaries.
Computers and music will now be on Monday afternoons and P.E. will be moving to a Wednesday afternoon.
With the warmer weather fast approaching,. Please can you check to see if your child's clothing is labelled with the correct name. We will endeavour to return all labelled clothing to the correct child.
Spring Topic: Where in The World Is Bratton Fleming?
Bray class have been learning about where they live.
We were lucky with the weather and went on a Bear Hunt around Bratton Fleming for our WOW.
Mrs Kellaway invite Mr Payne to come and talk to the children about Bratton Fleming's past. They were enthralled when they found out that the post used to be delivered on a horse and chickens used to walk down the middle of the road.
The reception children made a London Tube Train and a London Bus and the whole class went off to visit London using their tube maps. Year One children made models of famous London landmarks.
On pancake day all the children helped to make Scottish, Welsh and English pancakes- we'll make Irish potato cakes soon.
After a quick trip to Europe the children will explore hot and cold climates, before jetting off to India. We'll be comparing the weather and continue to use our class thermometer and rain gauge to take regular weather readings.
Another warm week. The children had great fun transplanting seedlings, watching our caterpillars grow and re-writing the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Another amazing week in Class Bray.
The Caterpillars grew to 5cm long. Our beans are shooting up. We earthed up our potatoes, transplanted some tomatoes and our seedlings. We noticed that our seedlings turn to face the light.
WE have started to record how high our sunflowers are growing.