Arts and Crafts Club - Ish Paintings

6th March 2017
This week in arts and crafts club we watched a video of the story of Ish. This story is about a little boy who likes to draw, but his brother makes fun of him, so he crumples up all of his work. What he doesn't know, is that his little sister has been collecting his pieces of art work to make a gallery. She encourages her brother by telling him that his drawings of flowers look like flowers-ish. The little boy learnt that even though his work wasn't perfect he could still try by creating ish art and ish writing and lots of ish things.
We made our own ish backgrounds by crumpling our paper and painting all the white bits one colour, before carefully unfolding it and crumpling it up again to paint the new white bits a different colour. THEY LOOK GREAT!
So far this term, we have also made tie-dyed flags and pillow cases, Valentine's day paintings, potato and apple prints and salt and chalk dream jars. Here are a few photos of our creations so far.